5 ways to look better in 2022

5 ways to look better in 2022

1. Self Tan

An obvious one from us but self tan is a simple way to instantly look healthier. We have to stress that self tan is not the orange stuff we all remember from decades ago. High quality products look natural and authentic. Even more impressive than that though is that its beyond simple. It takes about 5 minutes to apply once a week, taking less effort than brushing your teeth.

We Recommend: the KNUTZ Original Kit

2. Hair Powder

Ditch the heavy waxes and pomades for hair powder and you will notice a much more natural look whilst still maintaining a great hold. Not having to spend 5 minutes rigorously try to remove the sticky wax off your hands is also a bit of a bonus.

We recommend: Uppercut Styling Powder.

3. Hot Towel

Use a hot towel on your face and neck before shaving. This will both open up your pores and soften the hair follicles meaning you can say goodbye to the 2 days of razor rash that does nothing for your appearance.

We Recommend: A towel... Preferably a clean one.

4. Hair Dryer

So there's obvious reason a hair dryer is good but you might of known that not using one could be causing dry flaky scalp, itchiness and weaken your hair. Leaving your hair to air dry can allow the moisture to breakdown the proteins in your scalp which over time does nothing but damage to your hair. So if you think you might have dandruff consider whether it could be this?

We recommend: Most hairdryers with heat control and cool modes

5. Starch Spray

Everyone has that shirt that just doesn't look as good as it did when it was new and no matter what you do it doesn't get better. Try ironing with starch spray and you'll likely get rid of those creases and get it looking crisp.

We recommend: Dylon Spray Starch