How to get started at the gym

How to get started at the gym

Nobody cares

The main reason people put off joining the gym is fear. We worry about everything from not knowing what to do to thinking people are going to laugh at us. Whilst everyone knows that feeling, for those who bite the bullet and start going it just a memory. The main thing to understand is that nobody cares. Gyms are almost always full of positive people trying to better themselves. You have more chance of someone offering advice than laughing at you. It doesn't matter if your picking up the smallest weights on the rack or don't get above walking speed on the treadmill. The fact is you turned up and that's what counts. Plus if it helps there's so much contradicting advice out there now that if you do some crazy weird exercise that you've just made up half the people in their will be convinced its an actual thing.

Have a clear goal

To get started at the gym you need to know why your going. Losing fat, gaining muscle or improved cardio are all different goals that require different approaches. Just to be clear we're not saying have a clear plan. There's no point making a detailed plan before you have tried out a few exercises but knowing why your turning up is important. Be specific with you goals so that you can monitor your success over time. losing weight isn't a goal but losing 2 stone of fat and fitting into your favourite pair of 32 inch waist jeans for your holiday in August is. The same goes for muscle building. Find the areas you want to improve and what that improvement is going to look like.

Accomplishment over results

A big reason we put off going to the gym is that our goals feel so far away. Most of us know we wont achieve our goals within a month so we put it off because what's another few weeks in the context of a 2 year journey? Except those few weeks last for ever. Instead the best way to approach working out is accomplishment. Focus on the fact that if you go and workout no matter how hard or easy it was you are now better because of it. Get a buzz from walking out the gym and feeling good about your hard work rather than the the width of your biceps. If you focus the gym this way not only are you a lot more likely to go but you are a lot more likely to stick with it over the long term and end up reaching your goals


Don't over research

Another common reason for not joining a gym is the feeling that we want to be experts before we go. We end up watching hours of YouTube videos or scrolling through gym apps forever, after all that we don't go. Sometimes we take in so much information that it becomes too much of a challenge in our minds. Obviously you want to have a rough idea of some exercises for your first session but the most important thing is to turn up. You will only find out what you enjoy, what you can lift and how much you can endure by turning up and trying it out.

Don't wait for Monday

We feel the need to mention this one because for some strange reason its so common. Everyone wants to start the gym on a Monday or the start of the month or even worse in the new year. We understand that it might feel like it makes sense but it really doesn't. Everyone has the same idea so not only are you giving yourself only one chance in seven at going to the gym but your also going on consistently the busiest day. The best advice is to just go straight away and stop thinking about the commitment of keeping it up over the long term.

We hope that helps some of you that want to the gym but for various reason have been putting it off. Of course being a self tan company we have to mention that if your wanting to look a bit better our Knutz self tan is something you should try. We constantly get feedback from people realising they are in much better shape than they thought because a bit of tan allows them to see the definition they have. However to finish on the quote that every gym has written on their walls, "the only bad workout is the one you didn't do".