How to make self tan look natural

How to make self tan look natural

Want to use self tan but worried about getting it right? We have put together a simple guide to help guys get a natural looking tan.

1. Prepare your skin

An often overlooked part of applying self tan is making sure your skin is in good condition. Take a warm shower and make sure not to apply any deodorants as this can stop the tan applying evenly. Finally you should use a small amount of moisturiser of any areas of hard skin. For some this might be elbows and knees but make sure to apply some to the back of your hands ie Knuckles and fingers. This stops excess product being soaked in which stops it looking fake.

We recommend: Knutz Wee Balm Moisturiser

2. Less is more

If you want to your tan to look natural its important not to apply too much product. Self tan should look subtle without looking obvious. When applying try to use about 2 pumps per body part. This means 2 for each arm, 2 for each leg, 2 for your front torso and 2 for your back. When it comes to your face and neck always start with 1 pump and add a little more if needed. You will never need more than 2 on your face. For areas like the hands and feet dont apply any extra product but instead just use the excess product thats on the mitt and work that into those areas.

3. Take your time

Self tan can be applied quickly but if you take a few extra minutes youll guarantee it looks good. We suggest 2-3 minutes if its your face and neck only and 10 minutes if your applying to it to your whole body. 

4. Developing

Some self tans take longer than others to develop. At Knutz our Original Mousse is an express mouse. This means it doesnt have to be left on overnight but instead works in as little as 2 hours. Let the tan develop for 2 hours for light, 3 hours for medium and 4 hours for dark. If you've never used the product before just go for 2 hours (light) the first time. Once the time is up jump in the shower and wash off the guide colour. Don't worry if it looks like the colour has all gone. it will continue to darken over the next few hours.

5. Aftercare

Good quality self tans will last around a week and fade naturally but that doesn't mean you cant get it lasting longer. We suggest moisturising your face regularly as it more exposed and likely to fade slightly quicker.


And that's it! We have added alot of info here for anyone looking a detailed guide but honestly its really simple and all of our products have basic instruction on them.


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