How it works

The Original Mousse

Our Original mousse is an express self tan meaning it gets darker the longer it's left to develop. Allow 2 to 4 hours depending on whether you want light, medium or dark. Then take a shower to wash off the excess. The tan will last up to a week.

The Wee Balm

The Wee Balm is designed to get the best out of your Knutz tan. Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and shea butter, this will help your tan develop and settle on the skin. It works in two ways. Firstly, as a barrier before applying your Knutz self-tan. And secondly, as a daily moisturiser to help maintain your tan on exposed areas like the face.

The Knutz Mitt

The Knutz mitt is the best tool to apply the mousse evenly and get an authentic tan. It also has a barrier material on the inside ensuring you don't have tan on your palms once its developed. Make sure to wash the mitt after use to keep it in good condition.